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The war for the future of mankind may not be decided by who is right, but by who is left...

In the 27th century, The Transgenic virus has redefined what it means to be human. The exiles of Earth's Outer colonies have evolved different genetic advantages over their ancestors, and they are coming home to claim their birthright.

Commander Jantine leads an infiltration force of soldiers, scientists, and engineers on a mission to establish a new colonya beachheadon the planet that cast them forth so many years before.

Lieutenant Mira Harlan of the System Defense Force is part of a clandestine fleet stationed just outside Earth's orbit. She doesn't know it yet, but on board her ship is a priceless secret—a young girl whose genetic code might unlock the mysteries of the Transgenic virus.

When Jantine and the crew of Streamship Seven emerge from hyperspace, they reignite a centuries-old conflict that could tear the home system apart. Harlan and her captain must both defend themselves and protect their charge, or humanity's next war may well be its last.